How is it used

Speed usually comes in the form of a white or yellow powder but can also be bought in pills. In powder form it is sniffed (snorted) through the nose, injected or in pill form it is swallowed. It is often mixed or cut with other things that look the same to make the drug go further. Some mixed in substances can have harmful or unpleasant effects. It is difficult to know or tell what the drug actually contains.

Base is a damp oily substance with a white or yellow or brown colour which is more pure than powder. It can vary a lot on its appearance. It is usually injected but sometimes swallowed.

Ice is the purest form of methamphetamine available in Australia. It usually looks like colourless white crystals or a coarse crystal like powder. Usually smoked or injected to enter the brain more quickly it is a much more addictive drug. It can also be sniffed or inserted into the anus.

the effects