How is it used

GHB or GBL (‘G’) is most commonly used in the form of a chemical salt which is taken recreationally as a depressant with effects similar to those of alcohol. It is commonly mixed with water. While in a few notorious cases it has been given to unsuspecting individuals it is more commonly used as a recreational intoxicant.

One of the major concerns with G is that the recreational dosage range is narrow and it is impossible to know which form of the drug you are using - GHB or GBL or another form. Some forms, like GBL, can take much longer to work than GHB.  In some cases people have taken a second dose before the first has begun to work.  People have overdosed this way.

Small overdoses can cause temporary unconsciousness and large overdoses can be life threatening.

The effects can be different from person to person and the right amount one night might be too much the next. There’s no ‘quality control’ in G production so you never know what or how strong each batch will be.

Mixing GHB with other drugs can also cause complicated cross-reactions. Combining with K, alcohol, pain killers, tranquilisers or antihistamines can lead to unconsciousness, coma or even death.

the effects